Me and Python and Dopamine?

Abdelmalek Merouan
2 min readJan 1, 2024

Hi, reader! as you can see in the title “Me and Python and Dopamine?” I’m not a doctor, brain scientist, or psychologist, I’m a developer who loves coding in Python for many reasons in this article I share why I love Python and why I feel happy when coding in Python.

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Why I’m happy when coding in Python

Python has a simple syntax and easy to learn this from the reason why Python makes me happy, writing code in Python it’s looks like playing piano or music.

Python has a big community as you know python was developed on February 20, 1991, by Guido van Rossum, Thanks to him he made the world of tech easy by creating this programming language, and the big community of Python can help new Python learners to learn fast and get answers for their questions and because the big community there are a lot of python libraries, library for web scraping, for data analysis, artificial intelligence web development and more… learn one programming language and do everything … also you can use as a dopamine booster as I do haha

Clean Code

Python tells you to write clean code. This means you’re likely to write clean code and simple and easy to understand. Not just for the computer, but for you or anyone else who looks at it. When the code is clear, it’s easier to fix problems and work with others.

So, using Python is not just about coding. It’s about keeping things simple and making code that’s easy to understand.

So this is why Python makes me happy, thanks for reading if you like this short article destroy the calp button, and Have a great day friend ❤



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